The Dirty Lowdown is a 70’s and some early 80’s cover band that is Southern California’s dirty little secret.

THE DIRTY LOWDOWN play the forgotten hits and jams from that era: the FM Classics, AM Gold, Classic Rock, Yacht Rock, and Dance Rock. The Lowdown began in the Fall of 2018 when guitarist Harry LeDjangles (we can’t tell you his real name) was asked by a festival in Palm Springs to put together a last minute band for a 70’s themed party just a few night away. With nothing but a guitar, a hat, and a list of 23 songs, he recruited a top wrecking crew for the job. One practice run later, these players were ready for the big takeover. The show was legendary. People singing: check! People dancing: double check! People losing their minds remembering these classics songs and drowning in emotion and sweat: triple check! At the end of the night a masquerade party infiltrated the event and their ring leader grabbed the mic and proclaimed that the band was so special that the world could never know their real names because it would be total chaos. So, on the spot he renamed each player: Spider MacKenzie on the Drums, Nigel Ambrose on Bass, Sweet Lou Montague on vocals, and the aforementioned Harry LeDjangles. They became THE DIRTY LOWDOWN.

In our short time together we’ve performed in many different places, from private parties and events, to bars, clubs, festivals and even once on a float in a parade. Our extensive song list focuses mainly on the songs most other bands avoid from the 70’s that people miss hearing, singing along, and dancing to. They’ve even done several one off themed tribute nights to David Bowie, the Rolling Stones, Prince, even songs from the year 1977. Reinterpreting the classics for maximum effect. That’s the DIRTY LOWDOWN.

We play in full on rock mode or acoustic with the same energy and impact. We can play one 45 min set, several sets, or a three hour set without stopping. Anything can happen at our shows, sometime audience members come up on stage and join because anything goes. And the rule is anyone who gets on our stage gets a special, secret, dirty lowdown name, too. We love to play and we come at it any which way we can because it’s always a party when we do. It’s always a  Dirty Lowdown Throw Down. Join us!

Harry LeDjangles – Guitar and Vocals
Spider MacKenzie – Drums and Spirit
Nigel Ambrose – Bass and Vocals
Sweet Lou Montague – Lead Vocals

Sweet Lou: 213-804-3268